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Throwback to my Commencement Speech!

Six years ago yesterday, I spoke at my undergrad commencement. It was such a great moment for me and my family. It’s amazing when you look back and realize how certain things prepare you for your purpose. Please enjoy and don’t mind my Aunt, who recorded this, her just proud of her nephew 😊. The YouTube video at the bottom is the end of the speech. Rumor has it, out of all the speakers that day (including keynote speakers), my speech was the only one that got a standing ovation that day. That video shows the crowd’s response.

All versions of TSIAS is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!!!!!!!!

Finally! Finally! Finally! You can now purchase any version of The Sun Is Always Shining on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! I am so excited that you can get the book from 2 big booksellers. Just click on the book tab and scroll to the bottom and click on any one of the links. I am also working on getting the book in Barnes & Noble bookstores in Fort Wayne as well as a few in Southern California. I will keep you updated with those details! Thank you all for your support and happy reading!



Barnes & Noble now has the Nook version of my book!

It has been a slow process. In a perfect situation, I would’ve liked to have all versions of the book available to purchase on all three sites (Xlibris, Amazon and B&N) but it just hasn’t happened. I’ve learned a lot in this process especially as a self-published author and I’ll keep doing what I have to do to get this story in as many hands as possible. 

Long story short, the book is now on B&N but only as the Nook version. I will continue to update as the book becomes more available!